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Quantum Computing Group is a student-run group to inculcate and uplift the culture of quantum computing at IIT Roorkee. Founded in 2020, QCG is currently a part of ACM IIT Roorkee Student Chapter. Our members have varied interests and skills in different domains of quantum computing and attempt to elevate the technological standing of the campus populace in those specialisations. We do so by organising concept discussions, hands-on workshops, open projects and an annual quantum computing hackathon that gives the students exposure to the advancements in the quantum computing sphere.


Our initiatives


We conduct regular discussions on various topics of quantum computing, open for all our quantum enthusiasts.


Check out the blogs written by our members, exploring different concepts in quantum computing.


A diverse range of open projects are released every year, allowing students to expand their knowledge.


We conduct multiple workshops throughout the year to give the student community a hands-on experience with quantum computing.


QCG conducts a quantum hackathon every year, giving students a platform to innovate and work on interesting projects.


QBytes are interesting facts and information from around the world to keep you updated with this constantly advancing field.

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If you have any queries or would like to collaborate for events, feel free to contact us by email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  Room No. 109, Students Activity Centre, IIT Roorkee, India